A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

Mirrored is an escape-the-room adventure game. You are trapped inside a room. Can you escape, and figure out the mystery of why you are trapped there in the first place?

Controls: Use the arrows to look at different walls. Use the down arrow to zoom out. You can also use the arrow keys or ASD keys. Drag objects from your inventory to use.

Itch of the 3D artist who helped me on this: https://littlehootini.itch.io/

My website: https://littleglyphgames.com/

My Discord: https://discord.gg/wYEw2zmeam


WindowsBuild 2.zip 32 MB
MacBuild.zip 41 MB


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Found two endings. Had a little trouble because the bottom door of the cabinet couldn't be opened again after going in the first time. Also, the white cube reappears in the spot I picked it up from when placed. Nicely atmospheric, even if I'm not sure I understand the story.

Yeah, I wasn't really able to smooth out some of the bugs and explain some of the story stuff, I didn't have enough time sadly.