IMPORTANT: There was a bug in a couple of levels where you can get stuck inside walls that I didn't have time to fix. If this happens, push R to reset (or left on the d-pad if you're using a controller)

You died, but have been revived in a robot body by an evil scientist. Escape his facility before he can preform his experiments on you!

For some reason, the last level doesn't work properly on WebGL, both the player and the double should move at the same time inverse, but only the double moves for whatever reason. This works fine though on the mac build and I assume windows too.

Keyboard is the best way to play, most controls have been mapped to controller but I didn't test it as I have no controller, so I can't vouch for how well it will work there.

If you want to skip a level, push the '=' button on the computer.


Fleshy Humans Mac
Fleshy Humans Windows 48 MB
Download 75 MB

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